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To rekey a residential lock means changing the internal workings of your existing home lock to ensure that old keys are no longer usable in opening your door. The existing lock is modified so that it will only work with the new keys and not the old keys, hence the term Lock Rekey.

Unlock a Lock has been providing residential locksmith services to customers in the greater Toronto area and all surrounding areas for many years now. Here at the company, we emphasize the importance of your home security to ensure that your valuables are safe from theft. Paying attention to the locks of your door in your house can help you prevent disastrous scenarios that may take place inside your home.

We recommend that you need to change the key to your locks once you lose it. Sometimes, your key is not lost but rather stolen by people who want to break into your house silently. Home key change or rekeying locks can help you prevent unauthorized persons from getting into your house unnoticed.

Additionally, you need to rekey locks if have been recently receding security threats. Unlock a Lock is a company that can provide you with professional residential locksmith services. The rekey services that we have to offer can help you increase the security and safety of your home against burglars.
Other residential re-key services that we offer include:

  • Key Replacement
  • Surveillance Tools
  • Equipment Installation
  • Lock Rekeying
  • High-Security Locks
  • Customized Security Alarms

All of these services are crucial factors in maintaining the security and safety of your home, valuables, and family.

Here at Unlock a Lock, we offer you services for minor matters that can help you in improving the security and safety of your home at a cost-effective price. Our company’s team of technicians can replace various locks and repair previously installed safety locks in your home. Relying on advanced security systems is probably the best option in ensuring the safety and security of your home, but it doesn’t mean that you can afford it at all times.

The rekey locks services that we provide can help you secure your home at a cost-effective solution. The rekey services that we offer can help you still use your high-security locks without replacing them. Your home security locks can have the same quality of safety and security with biometric locks and other advanced locking systems.

Increasing the safety and security of your home does not mean that you need to rely on top-level security systems. By contracting the Unlock a Lock professional team of technicians, you can rekey your existing home locks and fix the minor security issues that put your safety at risk.

Additionally, the re-key locks services that we have to offer allow you to save huge from purchasing high-security locks. Our professional locksmiths will modify your existing locks so that burglars and thieves will not enter your home using your old, misplaced keys.

We offer Rekeys for, and residential locksmith products from all major brands including:

  • Stanley
  • Medeco
  • Schlage
  • Corbin Russwin
  • Aiphone
  • Kwikset
  • Weiser Lock
  • OSS
  • Weiser Lock
  • Baldwin
  • Weiser Lock
  • Von Duprin

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