Electric Strike Locks

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Electric strike locks are devices used to control access in or out of certain doors. There are two types, the fail-safe and the non-fail safe. Both can be opened and locked through the use of electricity. This electricity can come from AC or DC power sources. However, both can also be opened manually in case of a power failure. Electric strike locking systems are sometimes equipped with an optional buzzer system which sounds to signal the unlocking of the door. This offers an extra level of security. Contact us if you’d like an electric strike locking system installed in your businesses.

There are many things you have to consider when selecting electric strike locks. They include whether to use a fail-safe or fail-secure model, the voltage requirement, the type of jamb necessary, the debt of the jamb, the length of the latch, the size and shape of the face-plate and keeper and many other factors. There are also a number of different manufacturers.

Why Choose Us

We at Unlock A Lock are specialized in Commercial locksmith services and have a team dedicated to assisting business with all their locksmith needs.  We can assess your needs and help you to decide on the type of commercial locking system that best suits your business. We can install any brand you choose to control building access for your business located in the Greater Toronto area at a price that may surprise you.

We are Unlock A Lock, a Professional Commercial Locksmith company that has been serving the Greater Toronto area and all surrounding areas for years. We have the experience, equipment and the expertise to install any high-security access control device you desire. Whether you need installation or replacement of an electric strike lock, we are the ones to call.

All of our locksmiths are professionally trained and have at least 5 years of experience. They can quickly install a high-security electric strike lock and help to provide your business with convenience and extra security that type of lock provides.

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