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Commercial Glass Replacement Service

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If you live in the Greater Toronto area and need professional commercial glass replacement services, then you’ve found the right company for the job. We have been working with businesses for over a decade, upgrading glass and replacing it as necessary.

Our experienced technicians are also ready to fulfill any glass repair projects that require glass changing for commercial doors, windows, interior offices, company vehicles, and much more. Whether you need to replace glass in a building, storefront or office, or you need to upgrade an apartment complexes’ glass, we can help.

At Unlock A Lock we work with business and property owners to provide them with the exact services and results that they need.

With our commercial glass replacement services we will never provide a “cookie-cutter” approach that is the same solution given to multiple businesses. No, at Unlock A Lock Toronto Locksmith, we customize our commercial solutions to fit the project at hand. This may sound like a trivial thing to do but we have to admit that we don’t often see others being as laser-focused as we are on the details.

Security Done Right

All of our glass replacement specialists are professionally trained in the glass installation and repair service and have experience with all types of business security solutions. This means that your business is not getting serviced by some unqualified glass replacement contractor. It’s getting serviced by a highly trained professional that is determined in improving the security of your building.

We Provide the following:

  • Exterior Window Replacement
  • Door Glass Replacement
  • Store Front Door and Patio Door Glass Replacement
  • Emergency Glass Replacement
  • Interior Office Glass Replacement
  • Glass Door Replacement
  • Broken Glass Removal
  • Glazing Replacement
  • Glazing and Glass Repair
  • And much more!

Glass Break-in Repair Services

In addition to offering commercial glass replacement in the Greater Toronto area, Unlock A Lock also provides break-in repairs to businesses. We know how financially catastrophic having your building broken into can be, let alone having your customers see your business in such a state.

This is why we are available 24-hour locksmith service in Toronto, always on call, to help get your business back into normal condition as soon as possible after a break-in. If your business is exposed and vulnerable due to break-in damages, we can also help board up any damaged glass areas or provide emergency glass replacement services.

Our Approach to Commercial Projects When working with businesses it’s not just the business owners’, building’s, and employees’ needs that we have to satisfy, but also the business’s customers. If you’re a business that is dedicated to providing professional and detail-focused products and services, then Unlock A Lock is a right match for your glass projects.

Our experienced technicians are equally professional, prompt, and detail-focused. This insures that when our team is working with your business, your customers will continue to view your business and its contractors as professionals. Because in the end, a business’s reputation is as important as its building security and appearance. We make sure to cater to both of these requirements at all times.

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