Adams Rite Deadlatch

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Adams Rite Deadlatch Repair & Installation

Unlock a Lock can install or repair an Adams Rite deadlatch lock on your building’s doors. Our top quality commercial locks offer the extra protection you’re looking for.

However, if you need an existing deadlatch to be repaired or replaced, we can provide replacement service on all Adams Rite deadlatch models.

Your request for lock service is important to us and that’s why we offer fast and reliable service.

You can depend on us when other locksmith companies aren’t available.

What is deadlatch?

According to Merriam Webster, a deadlatch  is a spring-bolt latch in which the bolt is deadlocked against end pressure but may be retracted by either the knob or the key.

How Does Adams Rite Deadlatch Work?

Why Choose Us For dams Rite Deadlatch

Adams Rite Deadlatch

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Our commercial door repair are popular among businesses in the Greater Toronto area.

An Adams Rite deadlatch serves a valuable purpose in helping a deadbolt lock function properly.

It also increases security to prevent unwanted entry.

When you allow us to install an Adams Rite deadlatch for your door, you’ll be allowing a professional who knows which lock components are required for accurate installation such as the strike plate, cylinder basket, faceplate, and auxiliary deadlatch pin.

After installation, we’ll make sure your lock is working properly before leaving.

When you hire us to install an Adams Rite deadlatch lock, you’ll receive prompt and professional service.

Our service guarantee also includes affordable pricing.

Adams Rite Deadlatch Installation Near Me

Unlock a Lock has served the Greater Toronto area and all surrounding areas since 2002.

Our dedicated locksmith technicians have at least five years of experience.

Our lock installation service is available 24-hour locksmith Toronto a day, seven days a week.

We specialize in Toronto Commercial Locksmith Services and we welcome businesses of all industries to give our commercial services a try.

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We have a reputable track record of serving thousands of satisfied commercial customers.

Our team of GTA locksmith technicians are waiting to fulfill your lock service request.

If you need adams rite deadlatch installation, repair, or replacement,  call us now to schedule an appointment

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