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Installing latch protectors using our reputable company, Unlock A Lock 24-hour Locksmith in Toronto, gives you the peace of mind that extra security affords a home or business.

Latch protectors are just that; they protect latches from unauthorized entries. Installation of a latch guard by our team of Unlock A Lock professionals prevents prying and shimming during a potential break in and protects the lock from damage leading to unnecessary replacement.

How Latch Protectors Work:
These residential and commercial door repair accessories work by covering the latch area with a steel plate installed on the outside of the door that prevents the latch bolt from being compromised resulting in a break in. Our simple and economical installation process allows the customer to choose from three different finishes to keep the decor of the existing door and hardware:

  • Silver Coated
  • Duro Coated
  • Brass Coated

Protectors come in different designs to protect:

  • Outswinging Doors
  • Doors with Electric Strikes
  • Aluminum Entrance Doors with Pull Handles
  • Inswinging Doors
  • Center Hung Outswinging Aluminum Doors

We will find the perfect fit of latch protector to secure your residence or business. Installation is fast, easy and within your budget making it a great step towards adding security to your property.  We also provide complete Toronto Area Commercial Locksmith Service and are experts in repairing or installing commercial locks of all kinds.

Our team of highly trained professionals at Unlock A Lock looks forward to helping give you the peace of mind when it comes to home or residential security. Taking steps to secure your property through installing latch protectors is just one way that our company serves the needs of our clients in the Greater Toronto area. Give our office a call to set up an appointment to give you the peace of mind knowing your property is truly secure.

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